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Our Business
Our services offer maintenance and repairs solutions to clients across the private/residential, commercial and governmental sectors, regardless of the size or scope of the project, across the Australian Capital Territory and the Greater Monaro region of New South Wales.

  • Local and experienced management team with on-the-ground knowledge and an extensive network

  • Professional and reliable tradesmen and contractors

  • Leveraging international experience in challenging and complex environments requiring world-class solutions.

  • Corporate support from our managing entity

  • Technical and information exchanges with our sister subsidiary companies

  • Experience engaging with private and public sector stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes

  • Established partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers to provide quality and cost-effective products to our clients


SFM history is built off its team members ability to deliver on and support highly complex projects across Australia and the Asia Pacific ensuring that our clients and our subsidiary organisations can maintain operational focus and continuity of their operations at all times. SFM under Sentinel Global Holdings has supported various high profile projects in both PNG and Timor-Leste.


SFM is committed to investing in local businesses and people and seeks to build its reputation by providing clients with facilities management services based on an uncompromising commitment to excellence and safety.

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